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​The CWRG brochure is for women who may be considering escaping domestic and family violence. It provides information about refuges and how to seek assistance. We encourage service providers to download the brochures, using the links below, and print them double-sided.

Leeanne Strangways' art, 'Many Cultures, One Journey', is the brochure centrepiece.


Thanks to the generous support of ChallengeDV, the brochure has been translated into 15 languages.

Annual Reports
Combined Women's Refuge Group: Open letter to Annastacia Palaszczuk

-Women's Agenda,

Oct 19, 2015    (read more)

QLD women's domestic violence refuges pleading for government funding

- Mornings with Steve Austin,

612 ABC Brisbane Radio, 

October 21, 2015     (read more)

Domestic violence: women's refuges appeal for more funds in open letter to Queensland Government

- Matt Wordsworth, ABC,

October 20, 2015     (read more)

What can stem the tide of domestic violence in this country?

- Trent Dalton, The Australian,

May 24, 2014    (read more)

Opinion - Domestic Violence is never ok

- Kathleen Noonan, The Courier Mail,

August 15, 2014     (read more)

See inside a shelter for victims of domestic violence and their families

- Matt Wordsworth, ABC,

August 7, 2014     (read more)

Opinion - Funding refuges for "no-income women" saves lives

- Kathleen Noonan, Courier Mail,

March 15, 2015     (read more)

Domestic violence: we need action now to save women and children

- Larissa Waters, Brisbane Times,

September 18, 2015     (read more)

Home truths - the costs and causes of domestic violence

- Jess Hill, The Monthly,

March, 2015     (read more)

more articles coming soon

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