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The CWRG is vital to ensuring that the refuges and the women and children we support continue to have a voice and to ensure that the issues they face are raised in the public arena. Without the CWRG to ensure that women and children's voices are heard, we have a real concern that services such as women's refuges will continue to be drastically under-resourced, leaving countless women and children without safe havens when trying to escape violenct homes. Each year our membership fees cover approximately half of our very minimal running costs and we must fundraise to cover the shortfall. If you would like to donate to the CWRG, to ensure the continued support of our refuges and the women and children they support, please click the below link (donations will be auspiced by Windana Support Centre so all donations will be tax deductible - please just include a message stating that your donation is for the CWRG and it will be passed on accordingly.)

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